The Best of 2017

A few highlights from 2017

  1. Best album of 2107: The War on Drugs, A Deeper Understanding
    1. Also great albums by Silence Kit, St. Vincent, The Wooden Sky, Lakes and Pines, Beck.
  2. Best films (Best films I watched in 2017, not necessarily best films produced in 2017)
    1. I, Daniel Blake (2016) – Ken Loach
    2. Silence (2016) – Martin Scorsese
    3. Mother! (2017) – Darren Aronofsky
    4. Antonio Gaudi (1984) – Hiroshi Teshigahari
    5. Westworld (1973) – Michael Chrichton
  3. Most read posts on
    1. What Do I Find Funny? – How comedy works and what I find funny.
    2. A Word on My Seemingly Inconsistent Politics – No one in power should be exempt from critique.
    3. The Cowardly Objector? – They weren’t.
    4. On My Peculiar Love (and Hate) for Statues – Tear them down! Wait…keep them up!
    5. Justin Trudeau’s Epic Fail – The electoral reform liar.
  4. The most read Daily Bonnet articles can be found here.
  5. In October, Erin and I launched, a non-satirical cousin to the Daily Bonnet. It’s been fun travelling around southern Manitoba to research some of these articles! Here are the highlights from Mennotoba.
  6. Favourite book I read in 2017 – Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown
  7. A few interviews I did about the Daily Bonnet (no particular order):
    1. The Winkler Times
    2. The Niverville Citizen
    3. Pembina Valley Online
    4. Winkler Morden Voice
    5. Article in Roots and Branches (print only) – Mennonite Historical Society of BC
    6. Article I wrote about Yerba 
    7. In 2017, I also had the privilege to give a couple public lectures about satire, including, most recently at Diversitas in Winkler.
    8. Also, check out the the latest issue of Preservings…

Thanks everyone for continuing to read, share and support my writing. All the best in 2018!

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