The Daily Bonnet


Due to the success of a recent satirical post about Mennonites, I’ve launched a new website called The Daily Bonnet.


  1. LeRoy Goertz

    Way back in another century my friend Bob Hoffman and I started a Mennonite satirical magazine called Shun. It was a quarterly. We ran it for about four years. We actually had around 350 subscribers. The year was 1979 BC (Before Computers)

  2. Andrew J. Bergman

    Were you shunned for writing it?

  3. Art Wiebe

    Enjoy reading your articles. Great writing that generates lots of belly laughs. Wondering about the story behind the name Daily Bonnet?

    1. Andrew J. Bergman

      Not much of an interesting story, unfortunately. The “Daily” refers to a newspaper, and “Bonnet” I guess is pretty emblematic of the Mennonites…and it sounded good together. 🙂

  4. Helene

    While the title does sound good, the bonnet is not emblematic of most of the Mennonites in Manitoba, nor of most Mennonites in Canada, especially the men. Mennonites have pretty much blended into the dominant demographic for some time now, for the most part. Nowadays, it’s hard to distinguish the ancestry of the wearer of lime-green socks in sandals, not?

  5. Al Schritt

    Absolutely brilliant. It somehow reminds me of my six month struggle before finally going to the King’s Theater in Winnipeg in 1966 to see the sinful movie, “The Sound of Music”. I couldn’t enjoy the film because I kept looking around to see who might recognize me there. Al Schritt

  6. Kevin

    I’m a new fan of your site and just wanted to commend you on your articles…I’m a huge fan of the Onion and this is even better. I live in Niverville, any chance we can get an article published….was thinking of the topic……”Winnipeg man moves to Niverville only to find out there’s no bar or VLT’s”….something along those lines on how I have to travel great distances to St Agathe to buy beer because of the shame I feel when I try to buy it at the local grocery store!! HA-HA

    Thanks again

  7. Caroline

    Great site and hilarious!!! Brings belly laughs and joy to this old body and soul!! Keep it up!


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