A Word on My Seemingly Inconsistent Politics

One interesting thing about writing something like The Daily Bonnet is that you get rather wide-ranging criticism. One moment I’m being called an “SJW” (social justice warrior) leftist and being told to “drink bleach” for going after Trump, the next I’m being called a “die-hard conservative.” Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. This comes with the territory and I’m perfectly fine with it. Nor I am trying to portray any sense of self-importance. Believe me, I’m self-critical…perhaps to an extreme. I certainly don’t think I’m doing any service to humanity with this website.   I’m often thinking, “oh, I should have posted this, or I should I have worded it this way,” or second-guessing even posting an article in the first place.

I recently came across this video by Oliver Stone that gives advice to young writers. I’m not so young anymore, but I found it inspirational nonetheless. In it he encourages writers (screenwriters presumably) to go against what is fashionable. Right now, it’s fashionable to attack Trump and the Republicans, he says, but ignore the Obamas and Clintons. The fallacy in exclusively attacking one leader and ignoring others is that it gives the impression that the problem with America (or the world for that matter) is an individual leader, rather than a system that transcends political party or President.

My concern, as an outsider, is that Americans will breathe such a sigh of relief when Trump is out of the White House that the next President will get a free pass. “At least he’s not Trump,” they’ll say. So, I agree with Oliver Stone on this. All leaders need to be held accountable…more than that: the system needs to be critiqued and exposed. I’m not saying the Daily Bonnet has much of a role to play in this really. I mean, how much can a few schmaunt fat and roll kuchen articles really accomplish?

However, as a word of explanation for why my politics on The Daily Bonnet appear inconsistent, it’s simply because I aspire to Oliver Stone’s ideal. I fail, of course, but it’s an attempt…

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  1. Phil Osborne

    I value the Bonnet. Hope to keep receiving.


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